16 rooms are “nurtured & cared for” every day at the Dornweiler Hof. This is the responsibility of the entire 8-strong housekeeping team, who not only clean the rooms and the house, but are also responsible for our laundry.

8:00 a.m. – the day starts for the employees with the joint morning meeting. Here they discuss what to consider for the day and which guests need special attention. Of course, hotel manager Priska Steinhart also inquires about hotel standards in order to avoid mistakes in everyday working life.

8:30 a.m. – we’re ready to go: After the meeting the chambermaids go to the floors. While the first rooms are being cleaned! Meanwhile, the reception keeps all employees up to date with the latest information on guests currently checking out and in and regularly asks for the status of the rooms: “dirty”, “clean” or “inspected”. As soon as a room is registered as “inspected” by our head housekeeper, the guest may check in.